We use a variety of treatment techniques to help you take responsibility for your well-being and achieve optimal health. Focusing on the education of lifestyle changes and self-care to promote wellness.

JFB Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release (MFR) is a safe and very effective hands-on technique that involves applying light but firm sustained touch engaging the fascial layers, restrictions and areas of dehydration.  These techniques can help eliminate pain and restore posture and motion. It is gentle in nature, and can help people with many kinds of pain, from chronic pain syndromes to injury recovery.

Fascial restrictions do not appear on standard medical tests and can only be felt through hands-on assessment of the soft tissue and related structures.  The art of myofascial release is to find the individual restrictions, which are different from one person to the next. By treating the mind/body as a whole and addressing the unique fascial web, positive structural changes can occur and prevent future restrictions and pain.  

All of Integrative Therapies & Wellness custom therapeutic programs include JFB Myofascial Release techniques as a primary modality with the ultimate goal of restoring three-dimensional balance, improving function, minimizing pain, enhancing engagement in meaningful activity and returning individuals to an optimal life experience. ‚Äč

Pelvic Floor Therapy

Therapy for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, which is the inability to correctly tighten and relax the pelvic floor muscles, is a term used to describe bladder, bowel, pelvic and/or sexual problems related to postural imbalance, fascial restrictions, muscle weakness or tone and incoordination.  

Pelvic floor dysfunction is a very treatable condition.  Treatment interventions and duration will vary according to the nature of the condition or reason behind the dysfunction.  Pelvic floor muscles can be trained just like other muscles in the body. Pelvic floor rehab aims to normalize pelvic floor tone (facilitate weak muscles or inhibit overactive muscles), increase muscle endurance and coordination which increases overall function.  A strong pelvic floor will help prevent incontinence, provide support to pelvic organs and even improve your sex life! 

Treatment strategies may include biofeedback (computer assisted exercise) for pelvic floor muscles, retraining of uncoordinated muscles, postural training, behavioral interventions, strengthening, and stretching/restoration of muscle length and function through manual treatment.

Holistic Occupational Therapy

The practice of Occupational Therapy means the therapeutic use of occupations, including everyday life activities with individuals, groups, populations, or organizations to support participation, performance, and function in roles and situations in home, school, workplace, community and other settings. 

Occupational Therapy services are provided for habilitation, rehabilitation, and the promotion of health and wellness to those who have or are at risk for developing an illness, injury, disease, disorder, condition, impairment, disability, activity limitation, or participation restriction.  Occupational Therapy addresses the physical, cognitive, psychosocial, sensory-perceptual, and other aspects of performance in a variety of contexts and environments to support engagement in occupations that affect physical and mental health, well-being, and quality of life. -American Occupational Therapy Association

Holistic Occupational Therapy integrates Mind-Body-Spirit, prevention of disease, and promotion of health and wellness with the best of Occupational Therapy practices.  Occupational Therapy (OT) is already a holistic field, as it addresses so many aspects of an individual and their lives. Holistic OT encompasses practices that have been formerly known as Complementary/Alternative Medicine (CAM) that have now been researched with proven outcomes and are becoming more integrated into mainstream healthcare.  -Holistic OT Community


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