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Hi, I’m Erin Lindberg and I want to personally welcome you to Integrative Therapies & Wellness.  I am grateful that you found us and would be honored to serve you. As you explore our site I hope that your questions are answered and concerns eased, so you are able to make the most informed decision for your health and healing.   
    My passion is to help busy, active women overcome pain, limited movement and all women’s health concerns in order to be the best YOU, mom, wife/partner and other life roles.  My holistic approach facilitates the body’s natural ability to heal and help clients return to a more joyful life without medications, injections or surgery. 
    I too am a busy wife and mother, who learned her lesson the hard way, to honor thyself and value the care of myself first, so that I can successfully serve others.  I understand the challenge of balancing self-care and caring for others. I look forward to partnering with you, providing guidance toward understanding the healing process and offering therapeutic touch in order for you to gain personal empowerment and confidence in your ability to do the things you love and live the life you deserve.   
    Our mission is to provide women a mind/body healing experience, where they can confidently honor themselves, in a trusting environment with compassionate care.   

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Scoliosis Relief

Hope She Had To Share

Pediatric Scoliosis

"When our daughter was diagnosed with a 28° curvature in her spine they gave us two equally unattractive options to treat her scoliosis. One was to brace her for 18 to 20 hours a day. The other was to wait until the curve reached 45°, which it almost certainly would,  and then subject her to major spinal surgery.   We decided that those two options weren’t good enough and started doing research. I was discussing those options with Erin one day while she treated me for a hip problem.  She explain to me how bones can be moved, but without addressing the issue of the underlying fascia the movement would be temporary.  We opted to have our daughter practice Schroth exercises, be fitted for a nighttime brace, and go to Erin for MFR can see the results for yourself (pictures to the right).  She went from a 28° curve to no curve at all in less than a year.  It is our firm belief that without the MFR, the Schroth Therapy and the bracing would have failed.  I thank God for Erin every day."


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