Mind Body Connection

In the quest for healing, many people are learning the meaning behind the idea of mind-body connection. Much of what has been discovered stems from ancient methodologies, medicine, and healing practices that the western world is opening up to gradually. These ancient teachings have been lost in our fast-paced society that tends to clamor for the new, shiny thing, but the practices echo what we already know; the knowledge lives in our own intuition.

The philosophy behind mind-body connection is actually very simple and it means that these two seemingly separate things are actually the same; they are interconnected, and one influences the other’s health and fortitude. What we do with our mind affects our body and vice versa. Our mind is present throughout our body. 


All of our thoughts can manifest internally and externally, meaning that our mind has a direct link and effect on our health, both mentally and physically. Does this mean if you have a negative thought,...

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Re-Balance with Grounding

Life is complex and hectic at times where we can get overwhelmed with excessive “thinking” leaving us “revved up” and lost in our “head space”. This state can leave us disconnected from ourselves and our surroundings. This is usually a sign that our nervous system is disrupted and if not addressed can lead to more complex issues. 


Why do I need to practice grounding?

It is estimated that the mind thinks between 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts per day.  Excessive thinking, especially negative or fear provoking thoughts, can trigger our sympathetic nervous system eliciting a stress response in our body.  This stress response is also known as “fight or flight”, which can leave us in survival mode for an extended period of time.  

If this becomes a habitual pattern, it can tax our adrenal glands, secreting too little or too much stress hormone, cortisol.  Over time this can cause several stress related...

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