Attitude of Gratitude

What does it mean to be truly grateful and how does the practice of expressing gratitude help our health? Gratitude is perhaps a bit different for each person, depending on their personality and communication style, however, the main idea is to be expressive of thankfulness for what you have, the people in your life, and also your mind and body. 

When we can speak words of gratitude each day, whether out loud, through gifts or actions, or by writing our thoughts, we begin to ignite a powerful tool that infiltrates the world around us and our own health. 

Resonating in positivity and gratitude calms the mind and this decreases stress. When we can do this, we remove potential threats to the body, as stress increases hormone levels, including cortisol, which can then lead to health issues; this includes weight gain. 

As noted by Harvard Health (, “In positive psychology research, gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater...

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3 Ways To Practice Gratitude

Gratitude takes root in our heart and our senses.

Practicing gratitude can keep our hearts open to the tenderness in our daily experiences. Choose to focus your time and attention on what you appreciate. Appreciation softens us and soothes our minds by connecting us with the ordinary things that we may otherwise take for granted.  

Whether it’s choosing to write a few sentences in a journal, or simply taking a moment to silently acknowledge all that you have, giving thanks can transform your life.  Research shows that gratitude is one of the keys to happiness, well-being and life satisfaction.  Read on for 3 ways to practice gratitude.

1. Say “thank you”.  

Say “thank you” and mean it.  Saying thank you can be a gift, and one that feels good, too.  Offering appreciation to one another is powerful.  Be grateful for the kind words people say about you and believe them. 

The next time you...

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